What happens at a Festival with the True Mirror

Changing a standard of human consciousness – the mirrored Self Reading What happens at a Festival with the True Mirror 2 minutes

The True Mirror is an amazing new way to view yourself, and has a lot of positive ways to interact, some that are completely not possible in reverse mirrors.  The biggest way that this shows up is with our genuine smile, which we use all the time to communicate with people.  It says so much more than just happiness - its empathy, understanding, connection, OK-ness, joy, nuance and so much more.  Now its available to you in the True MIrror - what can you say to yourself when one of your best expressions is now possible to you?

At a festival, the environment is very conducive to lots of smiles - a clear reflection of how you are probably feeling pretty good to being there.  There's also a lot of being open and present - this is what getting away from the normal world and being amongst thousands of other people for a few days...the walls come down.  

When you then encounter yourself in the True Mirror, all that good feeling gets reflected back to you in a way that is so unique and novel...there's so much more vitality that can be seen!

Outside of festivals, the effect is still there, as you can see from the many social media posts (links below) from so many different locations, but the festival scene is a whole lot easier to get that special sparkle that means so much!

See you at the next one!