Thank you for considering buying an amazing new True Mirror.  They are one of a kind creations, handcrafted with care by a team of dedicated artists and crafters.  They are also quite different, and we understand that you may not find it to your liking and want to return it

We accept returns for 60 days but request that you keep and use it for at least 30 days,  It may take some time for you to get familiar with and understand what it can mean for you.  There is a lot that is possible here, and it is worth giving it some time.

Refunds will be given for your purchase price, less a $40 refurbishment or repair fee, less your shipping to and from.  They tend to come back damaged (chips or scratches) and we either have to promo it (discounting it $75), or replace the mirrors. We apologize, but we are too small to carry the shipping fees at this time.  

Therefore, please consider carefully before purchasing – just to take a look at it may cost you $80-$100 US, and  more internationally.  It is an investment in yourself, and plus your family and friends can also use the True Mirror.  It's an exciting new concept and product, we hope that you will keep it to realize its true potential.

True Mirrors  also come with a 1 year warranty on the optical quality of the True Mirror, subject to normal wear and tear. Replacement or repair is at our option.   Shipping is also not included in warranty service and returns. 

Thank you for supporting a small and growing company.  We believe in the product, and to date almost all of our customers do as well – we have very few returns because the True Mirror is that good.  In the future, we will have more resources to offer less expensive return options, but for now, thank you for understanding.