Changing a standard of human consciousness – the mirrored Self

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The below explores one of my biggest fears about bringing True Mirror to human awareness: “Who am I to be proposing this fundamental and dramatic shake-up of human self-consciousness?”

It’s a daunting challenge to be the source of a tangible product that could usher in a new age of enhanced self-awareness.

To create something that conceivably could touch every single person in the world, if not directly, even indirectly, once the idea of a non-reversing mirror becomes a known concept.

To be the source of something that can and has impacted people deeply and instantly, but also something that lasts over entire lifetimes.

To fix a fundamental flaw in self-communication that’s been ever-present, since prehistory, in every reflective surface.

Something that makes you wonder what on earth has been the consequence of all of humanity being hindered this way, for all time. And with the perfection of glass mirrors, even more so, since we generally believe what we see in the mirror is us.

So who am I to be bringing this out? I’m just a bright guy from the Bronx who just happened to discover myself in one of these double mirrors more than 35 years ago. My background is in physics and math, but the big story about true mirrors and our reflection within them is pure psychology.

Regardless, I still think the theory is right, based on watching thousands of people looking at themselves and being wowed instantly. That the underlying reasoning is a good idea – that our true selves are inherently better to be looking at than our backwards selves. I hope researchers will take a look (see post), and validate my findings.

But up to now, True Mirror is still not where it needs to be, and i think its based on a bunch of fears…one being this idea that “Im not qualified to be doing this.” I found that the phrase “Get curious about your fear” has been very helpful, which both identifies it and maybe figure out ways around and through the fear.
Admitting my uncertainty about “who am I to be so bold?” perhaps is a first step.

Its a great idea, maybe it just had to be someone, and I just got lucky to be the messenger. I truly am honored to be in this position, and am eternally grateful too. I pledge to do my best for the highest goals of bringing this truth to light, and thank the Universe for the opportunity.

John Walter