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True Mirror Event Activation

True Mirror Event Activation

Regular price $1,000.00

As seen on our social media channel, with over 700 videos and millions of views, the experience of looking into a True Mirror is quite remarkable.  Experience True Mirror with guidance from founder John Walter at your next event.

The core idea is our eyes and faces work correctly and communicate naturally within a True Mirror, and they don't in standard reversing mirrors.

Bring this exciting discovery to your next event, where John will bring the Full-Length True Mirror and greet your guests this experience, full of smiles, wonder, and awe! 

Appropriate for all kinds of events - Corporate workshops, gala events, outdoor BBQs, classrooms, and storefronts. The True Mirror will engage with anyone, and enlighten many!

Guaranteed to be talked about during and long after your event!


*Max range = 150 Miles from Zip Code 12404

**Inquire for long distance at info@truemirror.com