48x18 Full Length True Mirror
48x18 Full Length True Mirror
48x18 Full Length True Mirror
48x18 Full Length True Mirror

48x18 Full Length True Mirror

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This 48"x18" True Mirror® with a beautiful wood  or black cabinet is the first ever  creation of a non-reversing mirror so large and yet gets the optics right.  While appearing to be a simple idea - two mirrors at right angles - it is incredibly tricky to make it exactly 90.00 degrees with a seamless join, especially with this size.  This full length True Mirror does it beautifully, allowing you to see all of you clearly for the first time without being backwards!  See our website to see more about how amazing this is!

Please be aware that they are like a tuned instrument, it will need regular adjustment of 1 major and 4 fine tune adjusting knobs to make it a perfect 90.00 seamless image top to bottom.  

Shipping and freight info below


For all of humanity, the only time we have made eye contact with ourselves in a reflective surface, our eyes simply don't communicate the same way they do in real life.  

The True Mirror optically restores your true image from your ‘mirror image’, letting you see yourself not just as others see you, but as you really are, in real time.  The light and life in your eyes is present for the first time, and doesn’t go away as you continue looking.

Having your full body present as well enables you to see not just who you are, but how you animate yourself - so much more full of life than the drab, relatively expressionless and de-animated version you see in regular mirrors.

This is a new tool, a new way to enhance your self-understanding, learning about who you are, how you are and even why you are!  It's important, especially when you realize that the mirror-mirror has been altering that information ever since you first looked in mirrors, leading to a sense of self that is missing some of the best of you.

To really look at yourself in this mirror, on an average day, or at a time of great sorrow or great joy, can be a complete revelation. Looking at it every day, even meditating with it, can even become a catalyst for spiritual growth and radical self-acceptance.  In fact, it is likely that some highly critical self-judgments are only seen in the backwards mirror - they don't exist in reality!

You may laugh. You may cry. You may or may not like what you see at first. Not everyone gets it. But we believe that if you are willing to be present, truly present, to your revealed self, you will learn and grow in unprecedented ways.  

*Shipping and freight information:

This True Mirror can be shipped all over the world by putting it into shipping mode and crating it up securely.  There is some final assembly to tighten the seam and adjust for final use.  

  • US  delivery: crate ($200) and shipping (roughly $600), final pricing after consultation with our shipping agent and your address
  • International delivery: crate ($200) and freight is between $1200 and $1750, which includes brokering through customs and local delivery.  Final pricing after consultation with our shipping agent and your location. 
  • If you are local to the NY area (within 150 miles of zip code 12404), we can deliver and set it up for you at a reduced fee. Contact info@truemirror.com for  more information if this is where your location is.