Barn Wood True Mirror
Barn Wood True Mirror
Barn Wood True Mirror

True Mirror

Barn Wood True Mirror

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Introducing our latest collaboration with a local artist - a captivating rendition adorned with repurposed barn wood from Pennsylvania, infusing each piece with a unique charm that enriches the True Mirror experience as a cherished part of your home decor.

Just like all True Mirrors®, this version hosts perfected optics. Its fundamental concept, employing two mirrors at precise right angles, is simple but incredibly intricate to achieve a flawless at 90.0 degree angle.

Traditionally, when we gaze into reflective surfaces, our eyes don't interact as they do in real life, resulting in an altered perception. The True Mirror rectifies this, faithfully restoring your genuine image from your mirror image, revealing not only how others see you, but an opportunity to engage with yourself in this way.

More than a mirror, this is a novel tool for self-discovery, providing insights into your essence, behaviors, and motivations.

Contemplating your reflection in this mirror, whether on ordinary days or during moments of intense emotions, can be genuinely eye-opening. Regular use, even meditation, can catalyze spiritual growth and profound self-acceptance. 

Your reaction might span from laughter to tears.  While it's not for everyone, we believe that embracing your true self in this mirror, with a genuine presence, will foster unparalleled personal development.

Unearth your genuine self - right here, right now.