Who’s a True Mirror for?

Often the question is asked – who are you making True Mirrors for? Who wants a True Mirror and why?

It is a complex question because, in 25 years of showing people their true reflection, I’ve encountered hundreds of different reactions, as varied as the kinds of people we are. It is a true reflection of not just our appearance, but our inner being. Who would want that and for what reason?
What can they do with the new information embodied in their true reflection? The answer is complex and very nuanced.

There’s also an amazing variety of places and times the True Mirror finds uses – from the simple to the profound. Today the True Mirror finds its ways into private homes and museums, the future will see these in many public spaces, such as clothing stores, salons, gyms and restrooms. These public spaces will follow once the message gets out that the true reflection is an amazing improvement over backwards reflections.

For now, those who react most positively to their new true image are a beacon for me – what is it about them that makes them so moved when they see who they are for the first time?* I believe the key difference is that they already tend to engage and interact with themselves in backwards mirrors. They know who that person is in the mirror, and at some level consciously communicate with themselves regularly – if even with just a glance.

When they look in the True Mirror, they are immediately taken with how much easier it is to communicate with themselves. A lot of what they have struggled to learn about themselves in backwards mirrors suddenly looks crystal clear. They see how easy it is to just be present with their true reflection, and marvel that it doesn’t go away in time. In fact, their expressions can increase in vitality. Some have even jumped up and down with the joy of seeing how vibrant they were, and how many questions of self were suddenly answered in a second. It’s pretty powerful to witness.

A key message we are promoting is that the “Who we are” is a being in time, not a noun, a body, a face, a set of habits. In a True Mirror what I see in my face is similar to yesterday, but the message today is as dynamic as I am. For me, with 35 years of experience looking, and conversing with the true image version of me, I keep seeing new things in me. As I continue to learn and grow as a human, what I see there matches what im going through, confirming and validating what I am. Amazing eye contact can speak volumes in just a glance, and I can read it as quickly and accurately as someone who really knows me.

This is the main reason, I believe, for this device. A looking glass into your own soul so you can know yourself as you are. What is truly delightful is discovering the beautiful things that nearly all spiritual teachers are always telling us: The real truth about us is something deeply wonderful…now you can see and subsequently believe it so much more easily.

Thank you for letting me share – this is powerful medicine, and I am deeply honoured to bring it to the world. Please think of this purpose the next time you gaze in a True Mirror, and may your experiences there bring you many blessings.

John Walter

* Note: See the (upcoming) post about when your first experience is the opposite – for sure, more than half are taken aback by what they see, often feeling quite lopsided and disoriented because its so different and asymmetries stick out more. Usually its a matter of just getting used to it more. But the above still holds true – your self-communication is so much better in the True Mirror, there is a reason to go through the initial familiarization process