True Mirror Self Portraits from SUNY Art Class

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The first set of amazing true mirror self-portraits done by students at SUNY New Paltz. The self-portrait on the left is using a mirror, the one on the right is using the true mirror.


Such a difference, the students totally noticed the 3D effect and it shows in the nuanced shading that creates sculptural presence. But the beauty is, there is depth in the expressions as well, if you look in their eyes, they are communicating. If you look in the eyes of the mirror self portrait they are not, or if they are, its a mirror expression – and static.

This is what mirrors are doing to all of us, all the time. Reflecting us backwards, our faces stop communicating within 5 seconds. Sure its the norm, but so sad – we are so much more with our aliveness, our energy and personality.

Now with these images illustrating the true mirror effect, there is such a story here…look for it in the media in a short time! Also, if you work in art center or class, consider getting one for your students as well!

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