The Self Portrait: Using a True Mirror

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A self-portrait is something that every artist will do at least once, but they are done using a backwards mirror, painting what they see in there and calling it representative.

But now, we are coming along and saying that creating a self-portrait in a mirror is not the greatest idea.
Sure, it looks like you, but it really is qualitatively different. Have you ever noticed how expressionless most self-portraits are? Sad, serious, morose even, is what is usual (google self-portraits and look at the images…nary a smile in almost all of them!) Think of it, one of the best expressions is never able to be painted! But its the mirror doing it, not the artist…smiles simply dont work in a backwards mirror!

My friend Katie, who has done many self-portraits, did a new one using the True Mirror, and wow, what a difference! See the pictures below – there are three with using a regular mirror, one with a True Mirror, and then a picture of what she actually looks like. She said it was the first time she ever painted herself with a smile. Looking at her actual picture, believe me, this is how she really looks – with a huge and ready smile. Which looks more like her, which self-portrait really captures her essence!

We are beginning to rent the True Mirrors out for individuals and art classes to try doing their own self-portraits. I believe it will be a revolutionary experience for all involved, and the resulting portraits a striking example of the difference between the ordinary backwards mirror and reality, as can be seen in the True Mirror. Contact us at info@truemirror for more information about this program.

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