Elevate your life – thoughts following one of Wayne Dyer’s talks

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Wayne Dyer said on one of his audiobooks (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIqVhwWmj5I)

“If you want to elevate your life to a higher place, then the only thing you have available to yourself to do that is your concept of yourself.  And your concept of yourself is everything you believe to be true about yourself.  So now, take a look at what it is you would like to achieve for yourself in your life: If that is at an “elevated level”, then in order to be able to get there, you have to be willing to change what you believe to be true about yourself.  Because, up til now, everything you have already believed about yourself has gotten you to where you are.”

These words from Wayne Dyer go on to say how much we need to shift and reprogram our minds and thoughts about ourselves in order to get somewhere new, somewhere “elevated”.  It illuminates one of the key reasons for a true mirror: That elevated level is completely possible to anyone, but often it is our own internal dialog that stops us from achieving these goals.  My belief is our internal dialog is constantly being informed by what we see in a “mirror-mirror”, and that what we see in these mirrors is just a shadow of our true nature.  How difficult it has been to believe in yourself, regardless of your progress?  What has the mirror done to contribute to and even possibly be the creator of those limiting beliefs?

Such a revolutionary concept we are proposing here – with a true mirror the left/right filter and transformation is removed and the “real” you is reflected back.  By clearing up the internal communication you have with yourself this way, you can communicate your intentions and affirmations for a higher level with clear and steady self eye-contact.  Can you imagine how much easier it is to stay in the process?  As we believe, so we see.  Believing in ourselves is such a challenge, and yet, surprisingly easier in a true mirror.

Not for everyone, mind you, because for many, many people there is an “uncanny valley” effect which is pretty disturbing.  Mainly this is because we are thrown by how our features line up in the new mirror, and often they don’t at all.  It is an illusion – we are not skewed like what we see, no one is.  But even asymmetries will fade in importance when you look into your eyes and communicate.  That  is the real “uncanny valley”:  We are so used to the way a mirror-mirror reflects our face without that full communication that the true mirror can be uncomfortably revealing.

But it’s a key to a doorway to these higher states within us.  Not what you look like, but what you arelike.  The full being of you is visible in the true mirror, complete with the way you use your face to express thoughts and feelings.  The path to enlightenment is challenging to say the least, but during both difficult and joyful times, you can, whenever you choose, continuously eyeball yourself to confirm:

  • what you are feeling,
  • confirm the depth of your emotions,
  • your thoughts about what you are doing and not doing,
  • and what it all means to you.

All of the dialog you can have with yourself internally can simply continue in the same fashion, but now with a visual representation of what your face will express what you are feeling.  Like as if you are talking to your best friend who always has your back and understands you!.  The effect is stunning – you can spend minutes really processing something, and walk away enriched from your self-connection.

Compare this to trying to dialog with yourself in mirrors: Within seconds you will shift to your mirror-mirror face, because regardless of what that looks like, it is qualitatively different and always altered, continuously and in real time, from your true face.  Every expression you have can be interpreted differently because it is flipped, and from watching thousands upon thousands of people,  that interpretation almost always causes a lessening of expression, to where there really is only a few available.  The sparkling and lively light in your eyes?  Gone.  The warmth of your smile?  Gone.  Your complex “persona” that everyone that knows you have?  Gone.  Replaced with shadow expressions that look very similar, but fade in vitality.  Your genuine smile?  It lasts for at most 3 or 4 seconds, fading quickly because it simply doesn’t look genuine anymore.  Who smiles back at a forced smile?   So your internal dialog gets coupled with a handful of your expressions, and by definition, that dialog will be altered.  Usually you become a lot more serious and/or self-critical.

When you are on your path and something great happens?  Trying to sharing it with yourself  in a mirror can be like night and day compared to sharing it with yourself in a true mirror.  For the first time, in a true mirror, that joy of you, the sparkle of your happiness, the power of your experience and achievements all will show in your eyes when they meet.  You have no idea how good it looks and feels!  If it is happening in you, you will see it.  How cool is that?

It’s a simple concept – clear the information highway to yourself to look at yourself in a new way…just what Wayne recommends.  I invite you to start the experience by holding two mirrors at right angles and looking into the angle, past the line, to your eyes without them being backwards.  Look for your light, the light of who you are, as you show up in your eyes.  Smile a real smile, one that reflects in your eyes.  If you can ignore that pesky line, you should be able to see it: Say hello to yourself!   If it really turns you on, then consider getting a “certified true mirror*”, which is what i sell at truemirror.com, where that line is not visible at all(!).  Let it be a new ally on your pathway to your elevated levels!

JWalter, 3/18

* a certified true mirror is one that has an optically perfect joint between two front surface mirrors, enabling a clear true image.