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True Mirror from Sapele

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We have partnered up with a local artist to produce a new and beautiful version of the True Mirror - one clad with recycled barn wood from Pennsylvania.  Each unique design brings a special warmth to the True Mirror experience.  A beautiful part of your home decor! 


This is the original True Mirror®, made here in upstate NY using beautiful African Sapele (a sustainable wood similar to mahogany)  Inside the warm box is a marvel of modern engineering - a beautiful join of two optically perfect mirrors that creates the a stunning non-reversed, true to life reflection.  

Instantly, when you make eye contact, you can see a qualitatively different version of yourself looking back.  Not the you in a mirror, its more like you in real life. Engage with yourself this way, and there is a significant benefit available - a major leap in self-awareness and self-knowledge. 

The idea is that your face genuinely works in the True Mirror, enabling actual and ongoing communication  with yourself.  The expressions that you share with everyone else are now available to you, in real time.  It will help you to fully understand yourself, above and beyond what you can understand about yourself when looking at your face in traditional mirrors.

When you flip your face in a traditional mirror, your expressions get altered, the meaning of your eyes behind the expression gets altered, and then right away your response is altered.  Its been doing that since you first looked and recognized yourself at around 2 years old.   Completely dependent on each individual, the degree of how important this is is wildly variable.  Regardless, the fundamental message of the True Mirror is that an alteration is still there...every single person interacts with themselves differently than with others. 

Our experience when showing individuals their true reflection, *with some very necessary coaching*, is that when they see the light in their eyes from a genuine expression, their faces literally come alive, that sparkling nature of a real smile keeps looking genuine, and the smile can continue.  To really seal the deal, we show them the traditional mirror and within seconds, almost every time, their eyes lose their communication and become flat.  *Note: The coaching is simple - just try to create a real expression like a smile, engage with yourself.  If you want to see yourself, you have to be yourself.  Staring alone doesn't cut it.

Its stunning to experience when it works, and shows the enormous potential of the True Mirror - being able to see, know, and communicate to ourselves with the meaning and depth in our eyes intact; to learn from and be in sync with what is being felt; to understand the valuable person that others see all the time; even for answering the plaintive question many have... "why would anyone love me?".  The full, live, 3D and present person in the True Mirror gives answers...good ones too.

 Public Service Announcement:  No you are not super crooked in the True Mirror, a perception that a majority of people have when first looking.  It takes a bit of time to rearrange the way your brain is perceiving your face because on first looks, it's all kittywampus, as a good word says.  Also hold your eyes level with the box, that helps.    But look beyond your initial horrified face, please look for the "you" that is behind your eyes and find the will begin to relax, adjust and realize its worth it - that light is the source of everyone's true beauty, you will be able to see it in the True Mirror!

 Measures 12x12x7 and 10 lbs.