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12x12 Self Portrait True Mirror for Artists

12x12 Self Portrait True Mirror for Artists

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Welcome to all Artists! 

It's remarkable how much better self-portraits come out when using a True Mirror, which is an optically perfect, non-reversing, true-image mirror.  Not only is there a crystal clear mirror surface reflecting full spectrum without glass shadowing, but the double mirror construction also creates a true 3D reflection compared to everyday mirrors. 

Even more importantly, its really *you* looking back.  Your emotional expression from whatever you are thinking and feeling is visible on your face and stays visible because your face keeps working properly within the True Mirror.  And it simply doesn't work the same way in backwards mirrors, where we find that almost everyone settles into a stare within seconds of making eye contact.

Recently, a drawing class at SUNY New Paltz did both regular and then True Mirror self-portraits., and some of them came out really stunning.  Check out the quality of expression, the enhanced 3D shading and the presence of the artist vs the other, generally more static and/or expressionless mirror version.

Another example is from Katie, who said it was the first time she painted herself with a smile...and she smiles all the time.  Her backwards self-portraits are almost universally stoic in comparison.  You can see her work at: 

If you are an artist and want to get a True Mirror, but funds are tight, we occasionally have "Promo" versions of the True Mirror, which if available, will be listed above.  They are discounted 40% because of some issue in the final product.  Sometimes the adjusting mechanism isn't quite right, but still works if you work with it.  Also, the glass is tricky to work with, sometimes it chips or scratches right at the end, or the casing that comes with it has a flow hole that shouldn't be there.  All of these are generally cosmetic issues, and never affecting the quality of the image in the main visible area.  

But if a promo isn't available, you can use promo code ARTISTSROCK to get 15% off at checkout.  Share this idea with your friends or your art class, and maybe you can get some help paying for it.  It will last for years if its taken care of properly.

Thank you for your order, and best results to you when you try it out!


John Walter, maker/founder