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48x18 Full Length True Mirror (Deposit on Pre-Order only)
48x18 Full Length True Mirror (Deposit on Pre-Order only)

48x18 Full Length True Mirror (Deposit on Pre-Order only)

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This beauty is truly amazing - a full length, optically perfect True Mirror, showing you in full.  An amazing new experience, involving not just your mind and face, but your full body as well.  You can really see yourself, see how you carry yourself, understand yourself in an entirely new, and possibly more authentic way - the core benefit of seeing yourself in a True Mirror.     

This mirror measures 48x18x12 and stands on a 24x24x16 pedestal.  Its heavy duty and can ship well, but requires maintenance on site.  For one thing, they are like telescopes in their accuracy, and will need to be refocused whenever temperature or humidity changes.  Its a bit tricky to get it right, but once you get the idea, its not hard.  When the optics are correct, the effect is astonishing - there really is a whole new version of you awaiting your discovery!

We just completed our last run of 4 Full Length Mirrors, the optics came out excellent for all 4 (whew! ).  We are now moving into production to make 10 more, half with a black finish, half with the wood Sapele finish.  

Your deposit on order helps to kick start the process, thank you!   We are shooting for 8 weeks from now, around April 7th for shipping or local delivery.   For now, we are taking 50% deposits ($1000), refundable at any time if you choose not to purchase.  We will contact you with more information after your deposit is received.  THANK YOU!

JW, Maker

 Price: $1,995
  Deposit $1,000
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    Crate and Freight $150 + 500 US or $800 overseas
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    Delivery and Setup      (100 mi max from 12404 zip)

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