12x12 True Mirror,
12x12 True Mirror,
12x12 True Mirror,
12x12 True Mirror,

12x12 True Mirror,

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The 12x12 True Mirror is a non-reversing mirror, created by two mirrors placed at a perfect right angle, which allows you to see yourself for the first time!

For all of human history, even dating back to our earliest ancestors, we’ve made eye contact with ourselves backwards in water and mirrors alike!

The True Mirror is a new tool, and a new way to enhance your self-understanding.  

Learn about who and how you really are!

Looking in the True Mirror at different times and for various durations can offer complete revelation within.

Meditate with it, and affirm yourself, validate who you are.

The reversing mirror has been fooling you all these years, taking you off your game, and giving you the image of someone who isn’t there at all.

Discover the real you, right here, right now.

Don’t forget to smile!  When you do, you’ll see in your eyes what the fuss is all about!

Note: True Mirrors are fine instruments, and need to be tuned every so often, depending on temperature and humidity.  It’s simple, just turn the knob.  Happy Reflecting!

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 Made in New York

Dimensions: 12"x12"x7" (30cm x 30cm x 18cm)
Weight: 6lbs (2.7kg)
Shipping weight 7.5lbs (3.4kg)