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47x18 Full Length True Mirror (Deposit on Pre-Order only)

47x18 Full Length True Mirror (Deposit on Pre-Order only)

Regular price $1,995.00 $800.00 Pre-Order Deposit

We are currently taking orders for the next production run of these amazing, optically correct, Full-Length True Mirrors.   The wood species used will be Sapele, a beautiful wood from Africa, similar to mahogany but usually harvested sustainably.   The anticipated delivery is mid to late December for the last of the 4 units currently in production, the next batch will be out in late January.  For now, we are taking 40% deposits ($800), refundable at any time.  We will contact you with more information after your deposits are received.  THANK YOU!

Please Note: The price is $1995, your balance, due before shipping, is $1195 plus associated freight costs (US ~$550, Overseas ~$800.)


The true mirror elves

This beauty is truly amazing - a full length, optically perfect True Mirror, showing you in all your glory.    This mirror measures 47x18x12 and stands on a 24x24x16 pedestal.