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18x18 Wood True Mirror
18x18 Wood True Mirror
18x18 Wood True Mirror

18x18 Wood True Mirror

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Have you heard the stories of what people are seeing when they look in a True Mirror?  It's been a remarkable experience showing it to 10s of thousands of people over the last 20 years, and the results are in:  If you engage with yourself in a true mirror, your face communicates as well as it does with anyone else.  All of your natural expressions are able to be seen naturally, and so your responses are often much more natural.

You can actually “see” yourself in real time!  Your face is also 3D, and light will reflect from the globes of your eyes as it does in real life.

It almost always takes a minute of coaching to see the difference.  Whenever I talk with someone, I essentially ask them not just stare, but to create real expressions with themselves.  Like their real smile if possible.

Once you engage with yourself this way, where your eyes begin to speak, it's mind blowing to see how your face actually keeps communicating.  The light and life that is within us and shines out…you can see it for yourself in a continuous fashion!

That is the whole reason I started making true mirrors many years ago.  I got to see my own light in a double mirror combination (you can do this right now – just hold two mirrors at right angles and make your eyes line up).   My smile looked happy and genuine for the first time, and it didn’t go away: It was literally 5 minutes of being blown away by a new animated self in my reflection. 

I would look back to the regular mirror and bingo, within seconds my smile would feel artificial and forced.  What a difference!  And to this day, it's true of everyone that sees their light in the True Mirror - they are likewise blown away by how quickly the mirror takes it away.

That light in our eyes?  We use it to communicate.  Seeing it strong and continuous…wow what a benefit!  Imagine having one of these optically perfect true mirrors in your house, ready to show you how you are doing, what your energy is, what your recent past was like, how you’re going to face the day, and what others are going to be seeing in you.

That’s a big reason to own your own True Mirror…understanding how others see you.  The truth?  It's usually a whole lot better than what you think it would be.  Why?  Because everyone always sees you with “you” showing up.  You never have.  The “you” that you see in mirrors is different and almost always less dynamic.  Your face becomes more of a mask in a mirror.

We are all Human Beings!  Now you can see, learn about, know, and believe in the “Being” part that is in you – how cool is that!

You also have to cross that uncanny valley, which might be tough, but I truly believe on the other side is someone you can love a whole lot easier.   Keep your eyes level to reduce asymmetry perception until your mind rewires.  Remember to do more than stare for the most benefits, and please, please, if you have seen it yourself, coach others on how to see their own spark…we all have that in our nature, and it always reflects our best!

Many blessings and well wishes on your discoveries

John Henry Walter,

founder True mirror Co.

PS: please note, all True Mirrors sold within the next 6 months will be pre-production collector’s items, all signed and numbered.  Thank you for supporting this maker!!!